What is NiceSalt?

When cooking, the best ingredients in the world can fall flat without the help of a little salt. Think of us as that secret ingredient in your recipe that pulls everything together.

Business Strategy
Product Management
Data & Analytics

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Product Vision Refinement

Craft a clear and compelling north-star strategy for your project, grounded in market insights and unique differentiators.

Customer Interviews

Engage with real users to present product concepts and gather insightful qualitative feedback, honing early hypotheses and ideas.

Persona Development

Deepen your understanding of target users, their needs, and goals, ensuring your strategy resonates with a broad market.

Product Strategy

Chart a course with near-term milestones that align and propel you toward your overarching product vision.


OKR & KPI Process

Identify and monitor critical success metrics, ensuring alignment and clarity across the organization with shared goals and benchmarks.

Resource Strategy

Vet/hire internal resources and identify/contract external resource pools to build a right-sized, yet scalable, initial product.

Vendor Selection

Evaluate and license partner technologies to increase ROI, decrease maintenance, and provide headroom for high value custom development.

Roadmap Management

Implement the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and provide ongoing support, ensuring product management excellence every sprint.


Brand Development

Guide the selection and management of design resources, both agency and individual, to cultivate a cohesive brand identity.

Design System Management

Build compelling and cohesive design, language, and experience systems applicable across the customer experience.

Dynamic Prototyping

Build non-precious interactive prototypes of your product, enabling genuine customer feedback and fostering swift iteration.

And more…

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Analytics and Insights

Evaluate, select, and implement the right analytics tools to precisely measure the impact of your digital initiatives.

Data Stack Implementation

Choose and configure modern warehouse technologies, ensuring efficient ETL processes and table structures for current and emerging needs.

Experimentation Design

Formulate hypotheses and employ A/B or multivariate testing to validate product ideas, steering towards desired outcomes.

Data-Driven Evolution

Harness internal data to fuel experiments, refine approaches, and swiftly make informed decisions throughout the business.


Consumer Products

In the competitive landscape of Consumer Products, you need to carve out unique value propositons to maximizze product impact. Understanding the consumer psyche, predicting market trends, and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we’ve been instrumental in launching, optimizing, and scaling products that resonate deeply with users, ensuring they not only meet market demands but often set the trend.

Health & Wellness

Navigating the intricate world of D2C and B2B2C Healthcare and Wellness requires a deep understanding of both the patient journey and evolving regulations. Our expertise includes streamlining patient experiences, optimizing health outcomes, and ensuring compliance. By focusing on human-centered design, we’ve partnered with healthcare providers, startups, and wellness brands, transforming their product strategies to align with the ever-evolving demands of this industry.

Media & Social

Attract customer attention and successfully monetize your audience in a time of deep content fragmentation. We brings a decade of experience leading Social Media platform and Social Media data product management for Viacom brands (MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central) to bear.

Platforms & SaaS

Understand diverse user needs across multiple tenants, ensuring scalability, and building intuitive interfaces. Having worked with both startups and enterprises, we’ve developed a deep skill for balancing customization with standardization, ensuring each customer feels catered to, while the core product remains robust and efficient.